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31st October 2004

Surplus Amateur Equipment & Amateur Radio Assistance
for Amateurs & Shortwave Listeners
Broadcast throughout Australia on 3.582Khz, 7.075Khz, 10.125Khz, 14.116Khz,  21.175Khz, 29.120Khz  & VHF/UHF on 6M, *2M  146.700*, 70cm & CB frequencies.
Contact Roy VK6XV - Email: royshelpline@bigfoot.com
Phone & Fax 08-9246-3642
To assist - please put - HELPLINE - in the Email “subject” block
The Helpline Service is for W.I.A. Members, Radio Amateurs & Shortwave Listeners.
Caveat Emptor - "let the buyer beware"
The information about items for disposal is broadcast in good faith from information provided 
by the seller of the equipment and is in no way the responsibility of the WIA or myself. 

In No case, has the equipment been inspected or independently tested by me or the W.I.A. 

It is the resposibility of the buyer to thoroughly check the equipment before purchasing.

HELPLINE is now in its 19th year of operation and all being well,
 will be around for many more years of Service to Amateur Radio Operators
and other Radio and Electronic Enthusiasts.

HELPLINE 2004 31st October.

looking to track down some of this really good 300 ohm ribbon I have been hearing off! extra thick wire with some sort of foam casing, have you ever seen/heard of it ?
could you please ask on next weeks help line if any one knows were I may be able to get some ?
regards Ron VK6KHz Email ronb28@hotmail.com or just give me a call any time on 146.750

Wanted for parts:  Kenwood type  TS-120v  or  TS-130v We need one that is okay  on RX  OR  on TX  but not necessarily both.
Don, VK6DW 08 9276 3321 and John, VK6JY 08 9844 7355  Email vk6jy@qsl.net

GME 4200 UHF transceiver for parts especially Tx output stage.
Roy VK6XV 08 9246 3642 Email royshelpline@bigfoot.com

Free to a good home
Amateur Radio Jan 97 to Dec 2002
Radio and Communications  Jan 97 to Dec 2000
Peter VK6RZ  08 9310 3573 Email pdrew@iinet.net.au

The following old computers available - very cheap / offers
Pentium 2, 350mhz, WIN98, CD, monitor, but no keyboard or mouse.
Pentium 1, ?mhz, Win95, CD, monitor,  no keyboard or mouse.
386/70, DOS, WIN3.1, monitor, but no CD, no keyboard, no mouse
Peter VK6RZ 08 9310 3573 or Email pdrew@iinet.net.au

These items are from a deceased estate, I am helping his wife to clear his shack.
KENWOOD  TS520SE, with external VFO 820, Desk microphone MC60 and a spare hand held mic plus owners manual. Very good condition  $300
YAESU FRG 7 Receiver plus owners manual. Very good condition. $150-00
FRED SWAINSTON, second edition radio theory handbook. Like new. $10
Phone  Rex  VK6SN  08 9535 7992

Yaesu FT2500 FM Mobile Transceiver, 50watt RF output with accessories and handbook as new still in the box.       $325
08 9246 3642

Helpline 2004  26th September.

Pactor III Modem.
Call Roy VK6XV 08 9246 3642. royshelpline@bigfoot.com

Kenwood TS50S HF 100 watt mobile/base transceiver 12 volt DC. with h/book
Kenwood AT50 ATU 100 watt with h/book
DSE Power & Field Stength Meter with Instruction sheet
Realistic 10m SSB/CW mobile transceiver 12VDC
Oscar Block SWR meter model SW200
AC Transformer 240VAC input Secondary VAC 4, 6, 8 12 @ 1Amp
TVI Suppression kit Braid Breaker, home brew, 4 pieces.
Call David VK6WT 08 9381 9242

WICEN are seeking your assistance.
Please see attached notice requesting assistance in case of emergencies.
or Contact Jim Preston VK6JP   vk6wicen@wia.org.au
Broadcast Weekly on VK6WIA NewsWest from Perth.
09:30 WST Originating on 146.700, and re-broadcast on 3.582, 7.075, 10.125,
14.116 North, 21.175, 29.120, 50.150 Khz and many others including the internet

Would you like to receive Helpline by email.

Please send a message
stating the email address that you would like it sent to.

If you change your E-mail address, please tell Helpline.

HELPLINE AMATEUR radio assistance
Call Roy VK6XV 08 9246 3642 Telephone/Fax
Email: royshelpline@bigfoot.com

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